Integrated Functional Solutions

Cost of Future Care Analysis

What is a CFC/LCP?

A Cost of Future Care Analysis is a comprehensive analysis designed to identify all the client's needs resulting from a serious injury or illness. It is typically an in-home evaluation to determine the client's level of functioning and life roles with respect to self-care, productivity (paid and non-paid work) and leisure.

An occupational therapy assessment (Functional Capacity Evaluation or Cost of Future Care Analysis) includes an analysis of the individual's medical, work, education, leisure and psychosocial history as well as the environments in which he/she interacts.

What can be determined by a CFC/ LCP?

  • All aspects of the client's life are considered, including medical, rehabilitation needs, need for assistive devices; personal care, including attendant care if applicable, household management; accommodation; transportation; work related equipment, support, training; leisure pursuits and quality of life issues.
  • Services, equipment, and aids recommended enabling the individual to be as independent as possible and to prevent medical complications and deterioration.
  • The report provides clear clinical rationale for each recommendation as well as costs for the items and services recommended based on evaluation, review of medical records, and discussions with appropriate service providers.