Integrated Functional Solutions

The Functional Capacity Evaluation: A Clinician's Guide)

By Irene Chappell, Alison Henry, Alison McLean, Munirah Jasmine Shivji and Mary Richardson.

Available from The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

The emphasis of this book is on the clinical reasoning required for FCEs.

This is what differentiates the skilled clinician from the technician. The credibility that clinicians bring to FCEs is not only their qualifications, but also the clinical reasoning and its explication when presenting their reports. 'What is your opinion, and how did you reach it?'

Designed as an adjunct to professional training and technical instrument administration courses, this guide is not intended as an FCE training manual, but is a valuable resource to health care professionals starting out in this specialized field or wanting to build their skills as competent FCE clinicians.

Referral sources and FCE users, including injured workers, can use the book to become discriminating FCE consumers; assisting selection of competent practitioners, making appropriate referrals and using FCE reports effectively.

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