Integrated Functional Solutions

For Injured Clients: Frequently Asked Questions about Cost of Future Care (CFC) Evaluations

What is the purpose of a CFC?

The purpose of a Cost of Future Care Evaluation is to determine the injured client's present and future needs.

Where is it done?

This assessment is performed in the individual's home so that their home environment can be carefully considered to determine if present or future home adaptations are necessary to enable the individual to perform daily living tasks as required.

How long is the evaluation?

Typically, a home assessment can take up to 4 hours. This can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the injured client's needs, therefore it would be best to discuss the time requirements directly with the evaluating therapist if there is a concern.

What is required?

The evaluation will consist of an in-depth interview with the individual and if appropriate any caregivers present, a home assessment to determine the needs for present and future home modifications and/or equipment, and functional assessment.

Is there anything I should have ready?

Yes, your therapist may send you specific information prior to the evaluation, or she may contact you be telephone. Some of these items may be as follows:

  • Your current medications, name, dosages and costs if available;
  • Names of any care providers (physiotherapist, family physician, specialists, massage therapists, etc) involved in your treatment;
  • Any related medical expenditures you have had to undertake.

Other considerations

  • Please schedule adequate time for this evaluation, and allow for extra time in case a longer evaluation is required.
  • Take your regular medications.